Error Messages

The Backup software will advise when things aren't running correctly and below is a list of these messages and advice on how to remedy the issue.


E1: You have not setup your backup

A: You have installed the backup software BUT have not yet set up or run a backup of your files.

For help setting up your backups, see 'How do I backup my files?' in the 'Backup and Restore' section of this website.

Further information can be found on the 'Backup & Restore' page of this website.


E2: Invalid/bad username exception

A: The username and/or the password that you have entered into the backup software on the computer you are receiving the message, is not correct.

If you recently reset your password, you must put the new one into the software so it can continue to backup and restore. To enter your new password into the software: Open the backup software > select 'Options' > 'Update my contact details' and delete the asterisks and type in the new password you received. Also see 'Username/Password' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


E3: Unable (or Cannot) connect to backup daemon

A: You may have attempted to open the backup software at a time the Automatic Service was stopped in the Services area of your computer.

Restart your computer and if you still receive this message, see 'Restart the Automated Service' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


E4: Your scheduled backups do not appear to be running - Backup monitor cannot connect

A: A scheduled backup might have tried to run at the time when the Automated Service was stopped in the Services area on your computer.

Restart your computer and if you still receive this message, see 'Restart the Automated Service' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


E5: Unable to perform scheduled backup

A: An automated backup is failing to run.

Please open the 'Client Log' in the software which will provide additional information.


E6: Client already logged in for backup/restore

A: This means that the backup software is in the process of running a task for you.

The backup software can only perform one task at a time, so if a backup is currently running you will be unable to restore until the backup completes (or is paused or cancelled). Likewise if you have a restore in progress a backup will be unable to run. In addition, if your backup is currently running automatically and you select 'backup now' to carry out a manual backup it will report this error.

Before attempting to restore or carry out a manual backup (Backup Now), you should confirm if a backup is currently in progress by clicking on the Backup Status button in the taskbar.


E7: Cannot connect to RMI registry for //store.depositit.com44400/Receptionist:java.rmi.ConnectIOException

A: You may have attempted to carry out a manual backup (Backup Now) at the same time as your computer momentarily lost it's Internet connection.

Please check your internet connection and if/when a connection becomes available at any point prior to closing the backup software, the backup will commence.


E8: Cannot connect to RMI registry for // : java.rmi.UnknownHostException: Unknown host:; nested exception is:

A: An automated backup may have been attempted at the same time as your computer momentarily lost it's Internet connection.

Please check your internet connection. The backup will automatically run when an internet connection becomes available. If the internet is not able to connect after 20 minutes, the process will time-out and you might receive another message on your screen saying "The software was unable to perform scheduled backup".


E9: Cannot connect to RMI Registry 44400, connection refused to host

A: It is likely that a Firewall or security suite on your computer, server, network or router is blocking the backup service.

Run a manual backup (Backup Now) to see if you can backup manually. If a backup runs manually it more than likely means that a firewall is blocking the automated service, in which case check your firewall settings - see 'Firewall' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


E10: Does not appear to exist

A: Some files or folders that you selected to backup may no longer exist in the original location on your computer.

These files may have been deleted manually or in error or moved in to different/new folders that may or may not be selected in the backup definition.

Open the backup software and select the definition that this error refers to and follow the instructions to remove these files from the backup definition. The next time the backup runs it will not look for those files and you will receive a successful email confirmation.


E11: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

A: This message relates to files (usually database files) that are locked at the time of the backup.

Open the backup software and change the scheduled time of the backup so it runs at a time when the program you are wishing to backup is closed, click SAVE on the software to save the change in time. Backup software version 3.1.2 and above contains an 'open file manager' which should allow all Microsoft based 'live' files (such as Outlook.pst, Access and SQL) to back up even when they are in use. To see which version of the software you are currently using: Open your backup software and select 'Help' > 'About'. To update the software, go to the Customer Login area on our website.


E12: The backup contains out of date files that are not currently accessible

A: This is a safety feature and is advising that although the backup software has not been able to backup the latest copies of specific file/s, it has retained a previous copy of those file/s so you will always be able to restore this information when required (it is now considered "an out of date version" because it is not the latest).

Please check your Client Log in the software to see which files are failing.


E13: Access is denied

A: You might be trying to backup folders/files that are encrypted, on a network or on a mapped or shared drive.

See 'Set up Network Access/permission' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


E14: Got partial catalogue from server concatenatePartialDelta or Throwable during concatenatePartialDelta() uk. co.aradon.backup.FileServerException

A: This message in the ClientLog usually suggests that your backup was interrupted and has resumed.

No further action is required.


E15: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

A: This is a Java issue and suggests that you may have too many files within a single backup set.

To remedy: Open the Backup software and right click on the backup set that is failing and select 'Properties' to confirm the amount of files it contains. Backup sets should contain up to a maximum of 80,000 files.

If over 80K files please split the backup into 2 or 3 sets. First by removing files from the existing set (once done, click SAVE) and then click NEW to create a new set with a slightly different name and select the files you previously removed so that these are backed up.

Information on how to remove files from an existing backup can be found in the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of this website, named 'How do I change my backup settings?'.

After you remove/reduce the amount of files from the existing set, it will backup successfully. If it does not backup successfully please contact the Support Department.


E16: Client locked out

A: For security if you put in the wrong password more than 3 times the system will lock you out for a minimum period of 2 hours.

Please leave the software alone for at least 2 hours before returning to it. When you return to the software please ensure you have the correct password (combination of letters and numbers).