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The categories above provide instructions on using your backup software. Below are answers to most common enquiries.


Q1: I am replacing my old computer with a new one, what should I do regarding my backups?

A: From the new computer, go to the Customer Area on our website to download the backup software.

If you need to restore your files, select the ‘Restore Files’ tab in the software and proceed to restore your files.

When creating your new backup sets, you should give them exactly the same names as before. This way the backup will continue to run incrementally and will not have to upload all your files afresh. To view the names of your existing backup sets, Login via the Customer Area on our website (select 'see how much data I am storing').

Backing up Emails and Databases from a new machine can be found in the 'Backup & Restore' section of this website.

IMPORTANT! If you intend to keep the original computer, open the backup software on the original machine and set the backups to Non-Active before backing them up on the new machine (highlight the backup, untick set active on the bottom right and click SAVE – repeat for each backup). Backing up a set with the same name on multiple computers will cause conflicts so if you still intend to use the original machine and need to keep this backed up, you should call the new backup on the new machine a different name.


Q2: I am not receiving confirmation emails, are my backups running?

A: To check if your backups are running, open the backup software and click on the ClientLog tab.

If the log shows error messages, you can see the error explained in the 'Error Messages' page.

If the log shows that your backups have run, please check your spam filters to make sure the emails are not being filtered out.

If no backups have run, restart your computer in the first instance to see if this helps. If not, it may be a 'Firewall' issue or a 'Service' issue. See 'Restart Automated Backup Daemon' or 'Firewall' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


Q3: I have deleted files but my storage hasn‘t reduced?

A: If you have removed files from your computer that were backed up to our servers, or if you have amended your backup set/s by deselecting folders in the backup software, these files will remain saved on our servers until the historic versions drop off our servers.

The 'Backup Cycle' advises how many historic versions you are saving with us and you can either allow it to run naturally or you can speed up the process by reducing the 'Backup Cycle'. For more information regarding the 'Backup Cycle', see the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.

IMPORTANT! if you reduced the Backup Cycle in order to reduce storage, remember to increase this back after you confirm your storage level has reduced (you can see confirmation of storage levels via the backup confirmation emails you receive).


Q4: How can I see what files I have backed up and how much data this is?

A: To see the files you have selected for backup: Open the backup software > click on the 'Restore Files' tab > type in your password > click OK and a list of your backup sets will appear > click on the '+' sign located at the left of the backup set you wish to view > A list of dates will appear > select the most recent date and wait for the data to be read from our servers. Once read, drill down the '+' signs in the right hand side of the software to view all the folders and files currently backed up on our servers.

To check the size of each backup set on our servers or the total amount of storage you are saving:

a/ Look at the confirmation email you receive after the backup has run.

b/ Login to your customer Login area via our website.


Q5: I have forgotten my username/password, how can I get it?

A: Your username is located in all the e-mails we send you and can also be seen when you open the backup software (Backup Manager for Username XYZ).

For security we do not keep any records of passwords. You would have created this when you registered to the service and it will be a mix of letters and at least one number (i.e. smith1 or dev123). If you have forgotton your password, you can reset this via the Customer Login area on our website.

IMPORTANT! When you reset your password, a new one will be sent to you by email (please keep this safe) and you will need to update this in the software on ALL computers that you have the backup software set up as the backups will stop working until this is done. Also see 'Username/Password' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


Q6: Why can I backup manually but not automatically?

A: In the event of this occuring the first things to look at include:

Check your firewall is not blocking the Automated Backup Service - See 'Firewalls' in the 'Advanced Features' page.

If you are backing up data that is on a network or mapped drive - See 'Set up Network access/permission' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website./p>

Check the Services area on your computer to confirm the Startup Type is set to 'Automatic' and the Service Status is set to 'Started' - See 'Restart the Automated Backup Daemon Service' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


Q7: Why am I getting unsuccessful backup emails?

A: In most cases the majority of your files will be backing up and this email is reporting that only some of your files are failing to backup.

Please read the email which will tell you how many files failed to backup and click on the Client Log tab in the software to see which files these are. Files fail for the following reasons:

1: If you move or delete files while a backup is running these will fail and an error reporting 'File does not appear to exist' will appear in the logs.

2: If you are backing up your outlook emails or other database files, they may be in use and 'locked' and therefore might fail to backup.

3: If you are backing up data from a computer on your network that is disconnected from the network (or turned off) at the time of the scheduled backup.


Q8: My backups have stopped working, they are no longer backing up!

A: In the first instance we would suggest that you restart your computer.

Once restarted, open the backup software and check to confirm if your backups are running via the 'Backup Status' button and/or via the ClientLog tab and also check over the next 24 hours to confirm if you receive the regular E-mail confirmations.

If your backups are still not running what error message is being reported in your client log?

Please confirm if you have recently reset your password and if so, have you updated this in the software on all computers that have the backup software installed? See 'Username/Password' in the 'Advanced Features' section of this website.


Q9: Why after carrying out a manual backup (Backup Now) does it not change the Last Run/Next Run area?

A: The last run/next run area in the software relates to the automated backups (i.e. when your last automated backup ran and when the next one is due to run). This information will not be updated after running a manual backup (Backup Now). If you check again after your next scheduled backup you should see that the date/time has now been updated.